This Offering is Currently Under Review

GORR Offering

Varying Royalty Interests
Reputable Operators
Benson & Steelman, Saskatchewan
Pembina and Lait, Alberta
Estimated Annualized Royalty Revenue in 2022 of $23,163

Bid Deadline: December 7, 2022 at 4:00 PM MST

WGC Talco Ventures Ltd.  (“WGC Talco”, or the “Company”) has retained WCSB Divestitures , a division of Earth Horse Energy Advisors, to assist the Company with the sale of its gross over-riding royalty interests (the “GORR Offering”).

After a long career in the Canadian oil & natural gas sector, the Principal of WGC Talco is cleaning his investment portfolio and is interested in divesting his remaining oil & natural gas interests. 

Disposition Overview


  • Located in the Benson and Steelman areas of SE Saskatchewan and in the Pembina and Lait areas of Alberta.

  • Reputable royalty payors/operators: Crescent Point Energy Corp., Tundra Oil & Gas Partnership Ltd., Pine Cliff Energy Corp., Sinopec Daylight Energy Ltd. and Ricochet Oil Corp.

  • WGC Talco holds varying GORR interests up to 2%.

  • WGC Talco has received royalty revenues of $15,470.58 from January to September 2022; annualized royalty revenues are estimated at $23,163.

Crescent Point Benson
SE Saskatchewan GORR

Tundra, Steelman
SE Saskatchewan GORR

Sinopec, Pembina GORR

Pine Cliff, Lait GORR

Richochet, Pembina GORR

Bid Deadline: December 7, 2022 at 4:00 PM MST

The Proposed Effective Date of a Transaction is January 1, 2023